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Na-t Or Gte Swap?


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asked so many times before, but lets go at it again... "not being rude" just never gave my opinion before. . .

i can get full jdm gte swaps for about 1800. convert to usdm specs for about another 600-700 bucks/ if going single then that money would just go towards that. are you doing install and wiring or out sourcing it? thats were that major money would go. if doing yourself then i would say gte all the way! i love mine and done another. wouldnt do it any other way. i have one done with us specs except turbos and the other with all jdm specs. they both drive great and are a blast to drive at that. find out what your budget is and what kinda power you are looking for. i ran a 13.22 in 1/4 mile and thats with wheel spinning under full boost at 15psi on stock jdm twins. thats just my two cents anyways, if you have questions or need parts lmk i can try and help as much as possible.

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