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Power Steering Noise

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hi from france

my lexus ls 400 of 1990 do a little noise when i turn left or right. When i'm driving or at stop, the noise come only when i turn, like a "couiiiiiiiinnne". or "wiiiiiiiizzzzzze"

This afternoon, i verify all the level. it's ok.

I open my motor, i listen at stop and when i push the accelerator 1500round/mn, and turn left and right, i hear the "couiiiiine".

Please, help me, i think about the pomp or belt?

I localise the noise near the pump steering cap.

Here in France, there is no enough good driver on ls 400, i prefer call you in the states...

Sorry for my language....



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You may want to try cleaning the screen in the power steering rack solenoid and also the one in the reservoir. Here are some links:




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Air in the system would be my last guess unless it has a bad leak. Have you checked the power steering fluid reservoir to make sure it's full? It could be that fresh power steering fluid, or at least a change of a much as can be siphoned out would help it if the fluid is old and burnt. If it's leaking, try a power steering fluid with a stop leak additive that will work on the seals to perhaps stop them from leaking. But first, make sure it's not simply low on power steering fluid. :)

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I mean yeah, obviously make sure the level is correct.. If the level is correct, the PS pumps on these cars are weak as they are and if it is wining the bearing in the pump is shot and replacement is probably the only fix....

Mine was leaking really bad.. But my car had 112K miles and was replaced in 2000... So these PS pumps don't last forever they are a weak point in the LS, I think because they work so hard because the steering wheel turns soo easliy and the body of the pump is made of plastic..

I wish all PS pumps were as good as the old metal Ford/Chevy pumps that you never have to mess with .. Don't understand this plastic pump stuff..

It's likely that you have air.. So make sure it it correct level, and cycle the wheels back and forth and back and forth and clean the screens like others said, but if it is making noise, it is probably too late to fix and replacement is your only option...

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