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Taking A Trip.. What Else Do I Need?


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i have a 1998 es300 with 165k.. just replaced spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, spark plug wire cables.. also, im going to change the oil again, even though i changed it less than a month ago.. im going to add seafoam to the gas, and also the vacuum hose.. also, take off the intake box and spray it with seafoam DEEP CREEP.. what else should i do to ensure a smooth and efficient trip? thanks in advance.

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I wouldn't recommend Seafoaming through the vaccum intake, for Seafoam doesn't recommend doing a combustion chamber treatment after 100K miles. We have a '95 ES300 with about 165K on the odo and I ran Seafoam through the vacuum line... and it started smoking (burning oil) after that. There could have been other factors involved in the smoking, but it didn't start until I seafoamed the engine. When you hit over 150K on an engine, things have kind of worn/seated to a point you may not want to go and start flushing them with solvent.

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