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Extended Warrantee

Richard R

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Just bought my beautiful 2005 ES330 with 46,000 miles (navigation, Levenson, etc) and now I am considering extending the warrantee. There are a dozen complicated extended warrantee companies on the internet with all sorts of levels in fine print. I live in California and buying a policy in another state may not even be valid here. I don't want to get taken by some fly by night discount company. I'm tempted to just go into my local Lexus dealer (the one the car will be maintained by) and let them sell me a policy. Approximately $1,800 for a 100,000 mile, four year, and $2,100 for a 100,000 four year. They said that is a discounted price to me. Maybe I don't even want to buy an extended policy? Any comments or experiences would certainly be appreciated.

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You could forget the extended warranty and put the same amount in a bank account earning interest for the time when you MIGHT need to spend it on repairs. Toyota/Lexus vehicles rank so well on quality that the last 5 I've owned I have never purchased an extended warranty, nor needed one. There is the possibility that in a month's time some idiot will run a stop light, broadside your car and total it. I suppose you'll be able to get your dealership to transfer the extended warranty to the new car, right? Then again, maybe you prefer the added sense of security that a warranty may give you.

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