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Es-300 Alt Fuse - Malfunction Indicator Lamp Problem


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New here - been searching for an answer, can't find one..... Can someone please help?

We have a 2002 ES-3000 with 80,000 miles. No problems, beautiful car.... Two days ago the ignition key turned, but didn't start the engine. Lights were on though. Tested battery, full charge. Found the number 27 fuse was blown so we ordered a fuse from the closest dealer over an hour away. Got it tonight and couldn't get the old fuse out, it finally broke off, called the Lexus dealer and they said to pull with pliers, it would come out. After an hour, the service center was closed in the east coast so we called a Lexus dealership in CA and they said that you have to have the whole fuse box assembly removed to get it out. I'm in tears and my husband is still yanking with the pliers. Not pretty.

I took the fuse and stuck it in on top of the metal stubs just to see if the car would start. (yeah I'm kind of blonde......) But....it did start. OK now I go to back it out and the Malfunction Indicator Lamp was on and there was no way to drive the car because the accelerator pedal just drops to the floor and won't accelerate. Checked the battery again and still full charge. Does anyone out there have a clue if there is an easy fix that a local can do? I really don't want to call AAA if there is a simple easy fix.......

Thanks, Bev

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