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Nope. I'm surprised that the kids over here actually do celebrate Halloween! lol.. :P It's ridiculous over here in my subdivision. There was actually TRAFFIC inside my subdivision because of so many cars going around with their kids! lol. But what made me feel spoiled is that the last time I went trick or treating back years ago, I was going around in the RX300. lol. :whistles: While here barely any family went around in a luxury car. haha :blushing:

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...when i was a kid, we walked to houses...lol

Yeaaaaaah, we walked to houses within our own neighborhood! There were cars letting off kids at the end of our block this year. You'd think if people were going to drive their kids to a neighborhood, they'd at least pick a fancy one.

wow orbitz gum girl is very creative. did you just whip that up yourself or did you go out and buy that costume?

I can't take credit for the creativity. I have a friend who loves Halloween & she is very creative with the costumes. I did buy a vintage nurses dress on E-Bay, a scarf to put around my neck at Target & a white headband - oh and about 24 packs of gum! I went around work asking people if they had a dirty mouth & then I handed them a pack of gum while cheerily saying Fabulous! I wore a white long sleeve shirt underneath. Gotta say, the white dress is not the most flattering thing to wear!! Therefore - no pictures will be posted!! Sorry Gryphon.... it's best for all!

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