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07 Is250 Vais Sirius Post Install Comments

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Just wanted to share my experience self-installing the VAIS SLS and the Sirius in my 07 IS250.

The instructions on removing the NAVI can be found under a seperate post (w/ PICS).

Once removed look all the way at the bottom of the NAVI/radio cluster (on the left of the unit if looking at it from the back). There are 3 connections to this unit. The one you want is in the middle (contrary to the SLS install manual which shows a different Lexus model and it shows that you want the left most connector).

NOTE: There is another connection that the SLS harness will fit into, it is on the very left of the NAVI/AV cluster. Based on the position of this connection I assumed (correctly) that this is heating/ac controls.

Once installed I re-connected the negative battery terminal and tested. SUCCESS!

The hardest parts of this install are removing the vents and finding a way to run the SLS wiring to the back of the NAVI/radio cluster. I choose to place the SLS and the Sirius receiver under the passenger seat and ran the SLS wiring under the center consoly up to the NAVI/radio cluster.

I mounted the Sirius antenna behind the shark fin in the rear window groove (there is a rubber gasket in there that you can pry up and tuck the antenna wire under)

Ran the wiring down into the trunk, through the ski passthrough behind the rear passenger seat under the trim and then under the front passenger seat.

The unit works very well, excellent sound quality (compliment coming from an audiophile) and the install was not too bad (3 hours).

I wish the SLS unit allowed you to view an entire category (like the regular Sirius receivers do) also I wish when using the channel button on the steering wheel it cycled through more than just the 8 current favorites (there is a SAT1, SAT2 and SAT3, it only cycles through the channels in the current SAT mode not across all 3).

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