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2000 Rx300 Window & Electrical Problems?


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I seem to be having 2 issues with my RX300,,

1st the passenger window is going down very sluggish and sometimes I have to hit the up/down button several times to get it to go back up. Is this indication that the motor is going out on it? If so,, is this something not to terribly horrible that my husband could replace? He doesn't do a lot of work on cars but can do basic stuff.

Next and this one is baffling to me and the real reason I found this forum,,, on my panel display where the clock, radio, etc is,, I find that lately every time I get into the car after it has sat for several hours the clock has reset itself to 1:00 am as well as my MPG/MPH counter. I have to maunaully reset the clock but I can scroll back thru my info options on the MPG/MPH one to get it back to displaying the MPG (that info is still there,, it just "resets" itself to a diff info option)

All other things on the panel work fine,, radio, temperature, heat/ac functions and remain as I last left them.

The more I read on this forum the less I am liking this vehicle,, I see it appears to have many "issues".

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The clock changing is a battery that is going bad, replace the battery with a Walmart, or Costco one and the Clock will be fixed. this is a common problem when the battery is going bad and is documented on this site.... As for the window regulator maybe somebody else will drop in..

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