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Yet Another Question


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Hi again all!


This is how everything went on my car...

My final bill for a new engine and radiator and other misc. parts + labor was $2900. The mechanic payed for the place on the bumper where the engine swung and chipped the paint. All of the big problems with the body have been taken care of.

I had another unexpected expense. I had to put in a harmonic balancer which cost me about $550.

But, I've been up and running for a while now. The car runs really good once it warms up, and it shifts and drive like a brand new car. However, I'm looking for something I'm not afraid to park on campus, and DEFIANTLY something that gets better gas mileage, so I've decided to put my car up for sale. Can anybody give me an estimate on how much I could get out of this car taking in consideration how much more you'd be willing to pay for a car with a new engine/transmission/radiator/tires?

PS I think I may have earned the right to be the official LOC member with the worst luck! :D

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Hey Ler,

Glad to hear from ya. Didn't know you were still around.

After updating myself on your old thread about all the problems you've had, yeah, I'd say you've definitely earned the official LOC badge for the guy with the crappiest luck! :(

I'm not going to say "I told you so" about selling it a long time ago, coz I didn't. Maybe I should have said it, but like you, I love my ES and just want to keep it running despite the problems.....not that I've had anywhere near the problems you have!!!

But I think you're smart to sell her now while she's running well and you can maybe recoup some of the money you put into it. I'm pretty sure you'll never sell it for close to the $$$ you have spent, but you have to be satisfied with whatever you can get. Just be sure to really hype the fact that the new motor has A LOT fewer miles on it than the original, and that you've babied the car since you bought it, which is true, right?

It would be better to sell it privately than to a dealer. A dealer will be much less likely to take into consideration all the work you've had done to it.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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Just read a fe posts on the earlier deal you had a LINK FOR. BTW! The tech won't lose any money himself, but the shop did. If he is a good tech with very few mistakes, he may get away with nothing said, if prone to accidents, he will get a firm talk about it!

I once scratched a plastic plate (under the shifter on an RX with the letters for the gears) Cost the dealer like... $130 so it wasn't too bad, and my only screw-up (so-far) (knock on wood) and the Manager said he would take care of it! We ordered a new part, and he never said anything like "try to be more careful" mostly because there isn't a tech in the shop that tries to screw stuff up! Stuff happens, and all we can do is make it right!

Sounds like a cheap bill after getting a new engine!

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How about the mechanic that fixed your car? Does he want to buy it? Subtracting the parts and his hourly labor, the whole car repair didn't really cost him $3,000. It might not be a bad deal for him. On the other hand, someone might buy the car with new engine and tranny as long as you have paperwork to show. Try advertise for more than what you spent and see if anyone willing to make you an offer.

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I have ALL of the repair records for the car. I'm about 90% sure I'm going to advertise. I just wonder how much to put on the price tag.

PS. I'm thinking my starter is starting to go :censored::censored:

You are asking a question that is difficult to answer here because no one has seen your car to name you a price. Besides we have no clue what condition your car is in both mechanically and appearance.

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Appearance is really nice. I've had some touch-ups done, and there are only a few scattered blemishes. The interior has the usual wear and tear, a the steering wheel has some cracks, there is only one rip at the top of the rear seat, and a chip out of the center vent on the dash.

I've stated the mechanical condition in my other posts. New engine block, transmission, radiator, ect. It runs and drives like a brand new car. Plus I have all the documents to back me up.

What ever you guys recommend is what I'll probably place in my ad.



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