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After Market Struts For Rx300


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I have both a 2000 and 2001 RX300 and I have had the same problem with both: struts seem to last only about 25000 miles before they start making a ba-da-dump noise at low speed over little bumps. I am not driving off road. I do not use them to haul bags of concrete. They are city/highway driven and pampered. Both were purchased used and certified. The 2000 needed all four struts replaced by 24k and was purchased with 15k on the odometer and had strut noise at purchase that required replacement. The 2001 had 24k at purchase and needed rear struts within a month. The 2001 is now at 49k and right on schedule starting with the ba-da-dump now that it is colder here in CT. The noise is more noticeable with cold weather. I have several clients in the used car business and they indicate that Toyotas are notorious for bad struts. I would agree having replacement issues with both of my RXs. So, with cars out of certified territory are there any suggestions for after market struts which will go for the 60k or more that they should with the type of non-demanding driving that I employ? I am not looking to change the ride, just the length of service interval.

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