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Problems With My Boost Controller


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Hello Guys,

I´m trying to set few psi on my car, but this boost controller I don´t know how to use it. We gain to 16 psi once, but the the car resets, and we never could make it gain psi again.

If someone have this boost controller, please help me. I got Stock twin turbos from 2JZ-GTE

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You may have experienced a boost spike when you hit 16 psi. If you set the controller lower, which means quicker spool up times, too close together and you get boost spikes. So, 16 psi. may not be the actual boost setting on the turbo. You'll have to take the car in to a tuner to set up the wastegate, blow off valve and set the timing and af for 16 psi. Unless the car was already set up for 16 psi. which in that case, you may have an issue with the turbo or blow off valve setting.

One other thing I can think of, do you have a dual controller? Like I have the Greddy, I have low boost set to 6 psi and high boost set to 10 psi. So if it's a dual, you might have it set to low boost and need to switch it to high boost.

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