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Razr V3 (t-mobile) & Bluetooth Rx400h

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Does anyone have an issue with the person on the receiving end of calls getting static, humming sound and volume in/out?

Vehicle is RX 400h 2007, Nav/ML package. Phone is T-Mobile Motorola RAZR V3. I have no issues with the sound quality for the incoming call. I've accessed the sub Menu (HOLD INFO BUTTON & PARKING LIGHTS ON/OFF 5 TIMES) and adjusted the receiving/sending sound level and the quality type? Does anyone have any literature on this sub-menu? What values default values should be here? Mine are all blank? Took vehicle back to dealer, they blamed it on phone. Updated software for phone and no improvement:( IS IT THE PHONE OR LEXUS BLUETOOTH?

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It could be the microphone in your vehicle. There is a tsb for the microphone due to noise during handsfree calling. Its essentially a new microphone. Have your dealer check tsb EL007-07. It applies to the 2007 RX350/400h.

Where did you find that tsb? I checked the NHTSA site and couldn't find it?

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