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98 Es: Kyb Gr-2 Vs. Stock Shocks


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If this has been discussed already, I apologize, I could not find a good answer with the search function :blushing:

I see that people recommend KYB GR-2 as a less expensive replacement for OEM shocks (+ KYB is the OEM manufacturer)

I'm looking for any input as to how the GR-2's compare to the original ones on the 97-01 ES'es. Are they much stiffer?

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i just put kyb gr2's on my 02 es300, plus front upper mounts/bearings.

what i think is a screaming cheap price. $~420 for 4 struts and two front upper mounts.

$420 shipped from rockauto.com. they offer a 5% discount code.

seems a bit stiffer, but overall pretty good. don't know if there is any break in period.

i did the job myself. took about 6 hours, but that was moving slowly.

plus the package tray was not straight forward or explained anywhere.

the cheapo spring compressor was a pain on the front. didn't compress enough, but i was able to make it work.

overall an easy job - with the right tools. floor jack, bottle jack, air compressor and air gun.

hindsight says the monroe quickstruts woulda been faster but heard they were stiffer than stock and didn't want that.

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