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2003 Es300 - Automatically Unlock All Doors?


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When shifting into Drive, all the doors lock. That's cool. But when I park and turn off the car to get out, only the driver's door unlocks. Can this be changed so that ALL the doors will unlock when I turn off the car?

It is frustrating to have a briefcase or something (like a passenger) in the back seat, and have to fumble with the key or door locks to get into the back seat. Most auto-locking cars unlock all the doors when switched off, so surely there is a way to do it on the Lexus, no?

Help me out, if anyone can!

Another quick question: For those of you who have been discussing gas mileage on the site, are you using the figures from the trip computer, or are you figuring it out yourself based on mileage and amount of gas put in? Just curious if you find your mileage indicator to be accurate or not, and if not, by how much was it off?

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To have the programming changed so all doors unlock when the ignition is off can be changed by your Lexus dealer.

The best and most accurate way to check your gas mileage is to fill your tank, than drive untill your tank is about ¼ full, than refill, preferably at the same pump you originally used. Divide the mileage by how many gallons it takes to fill it up again. Using the trip computer is not the most accurate way of determining your mileage.

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