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What Is Wrong With This Car!?!?!?


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So the SC is idling at a steady 1600 rpms and when try to race th motor it bogs like its not getting enough fuel. Its not running rich but the fumes smell stale, there is new gas in it.

I set off a check engine and Trac off light while the motor is running, but if I turn the motor off and turn the ign. on, no check engine light comes on. I still proceed to try and pull a code on both diagnostic ports with no luck.

So just for the hell of it, I disconnect the neg battery terminal for a while to reset the ECU, put it back on start the car and for roughly a minute, it idles great and revs fine. Then after that minute, the car dies and a vac/pressure solenoid on the top drivers side of the motor starts to click erratically. When I start the motor again, I'm back to where I started.

Weird thing is, if I disconnect the large hose coming from the motor side of the IACV and manually cap it with my thumb, I can regulate the idle and it revs fine, so I tried to clean out and lube of the bearings inside the IACV with no luck, same symptoms. I also tried to calibrate the IACV all the way out and all the way in, then in the middle still with no luck, lol.

Last but not least, last week I changed the plugs and Seafoamed the motor and the motor ran like a dream. Beginning of this week I noticed my HVAC wasnt working so I traced it to the cig lighter. Right around that time, between diagnosis and fix of the HAVC is where the motor problems popped up. I highly doubt there tied together but I figured Id throw that in.

Where is the IACV plunger supposed to be set at?


Thanks guys


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Similar problems seems to be fuel related. I'm going to change the fuel filter in hopes that works else it may be the fuel pump which is in the gas tank.

The car is a 94 SC400. Just purchased. Had a basic tune up done wires and plugs.

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