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Valve Adjustment Shims


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I'm going to attempt to adjust the valves on our '97 ES300 in the coming days. I'm having a terrible time finding anyone who stocks the shims. My local Toyota dealer told me they've never adjusted the valves on a V-6 Camry, and the closest Lexus dealers do not stock any shims. They let the car sit until the shims come in when they do an adjustment. Does anyone have any suggestions on a shim source?

I'm told by the Lexus dealer that one of the bucket lifters is stuck and worn causing the tapping noise we're hearing. They diagnosed this by listening to the engine. The valves were actually adjusted at 154,000 and one of the front lifters was replaced then. The car has 186,000 now. They were willing to help me out with a discount on the work, but not enough to make it worth it. I'm going to try to find the worn lifter and replace it then check to see if I need any shims. Are the valve adjusting tools useful or can the adjustment be accomplished with other tools?

I've read through all the threads dealing with valve adjustment but I'd appreciate any advice anyone would like to offer.

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