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Rear Side Marker Light Replacement


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I have a '98 ES 300. The rear light failure icon has appeared on my instrument panel. I have checked all the tail lights, brakes, back-up, etc. and all seem to be working. Did have to replace one license plate light. Icon is still showing on panel. After looking at the owner's manual it seems as though I should have a couple of "rear side marker lights"? I can't figure out how to replace them. Thanks for any advise.

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I'm reaching here, because your 98 is pretty much the same car as our old 97, which was upgraded to our present 04. That was a while ago but I seem to recall that the rear side marker lights were part of the rear tail light lens assembly. By that I mean that when the car is viewed from the side, a separate bulb can be seen where the tail light assembly wraps around the fender. You access it (I think) from inside the trunk. Pull out the small panel in front of the tail lights and reach around the side to access it. Two other thoughts. Check your backup light bulbs. They may give you the dash warning. Or you may have a bulb that works, but is on its way out (usually black in colour) and causing more or less resistance than the circuit should have. That change in normal circuit resistance is what triggers the dash warning light. Hope this helps.

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