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Everything Needed?


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what flop said.

i = post !Removed!.

this is what the SRT stage 1 kit says it has:

SRT Stage 1 (Shippable Kit, usually ships in 4-6 weeks)

275 - 300 RWHP

Kit Includes:

- SRT exclusive Divided Ductile Iron Cast Turbo Exhaust Manifold

- SRT Spec Turbonetics® T04 Tangential Divided 60-1 Hi-Fi Turbo unit

- Turbonetics® Racegate wastegate

- Blitz® Super Sound Dual Drive blow-off valve

- Turbonetics® Variable Boost Control Regulator

- Stainless Steel braided oil supply line with SRT exclusive oil supply Tee

- Stainless Steel braided oil drain line

- Mandrel bent steel pressure pipes

- AFE® high flow lifetime cone filter with built in velocity stack

- AFE® filter cleaner

- GReddy e-Manage preprogrammed

- GReddy e-Manage MAP sensor and harness

- GReddy e-Manage ignition harness

- RC Engineering® 440cc Injectors

- Walbro® 255lph High Pressure intank fuel pump

- 7PSI Maximum Boost Pump Gas

- High Temp silicone couplers and connectors

- High Temp Silicone Vacuum lines

- NGK Platinum Spark Plugs, 1 step colder

- 3" T-304 Stainless Steel mandrel bent downpipe with built in Hi-Flow Catalytic


- 3" T-304 Stainless Steel mandrel bent front midpipe

- Stainless Steel Clamps

- All necessary hardware for a complete install is supplied

- Complete Step-by-Step Installation Instructions with High Quality Gloss Color


but i know nearly nothing when it comes to turbos so.... check that post out

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Like it says if I were to piece a kit together the right way the first time what all do I need? Only want to push 5-8 pounds with the option of 15 or so. Let the list begin.


if you want to piece a kit together it can be done, but will be time consuming. definitely talk to a professional and look at what the Turbonetics kit comes with, because that kit comes with everything needed.

also any turbo can push over 15 psi, but the IS can only hold max 8psi unless you totally rebuild engine and tranny, i wrote a fairly informational turbo kit thig under the ebay kit forum question so take alook at that

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