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Powder Coating Wheels?


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Has anyone had their Lexus wheels powder coated? If so what is the going rate and how clean do they need to be to start with. Thanks for any advice.

I am also in the market for finding someone who could refinish my wheels perfectly so as to match the center caps with total perfection (95 LS400) ...... somewhere on this planet there is a guru who really knows how to do this .... I really wish I know who it was!

I found as place on line tonight called wheelcollision.com (Wheel Collision Center) that maybe might have the correct equipment and expertise to take on this project .... perhaps I will call them about all of this .....

There is a place called Capital Wheel in Los Angeles that sounds like they are able to refinish wheels perfectly ... but in fact, they told me they can only get close-to- perfect on a silver finish .... therefore the factory center caps will not match flawlessly ..... AND ... the center caps cannot be refinished according to them. Why not just computer match the wheel color with a new factory center cap????? Like this is rocket science or something!!!?????????

I think this CAN be done ... but .... by who????

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