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Window Regulator 94 Es300


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Today, I noticed my 1994 es300 driver rear window was opened about an inch. I was confused, as I had just unlocked the car from being parked, and hadn't left the window open, or opened it since entering the car.

I activated the switch,and there was a audible cracking/popping sound (not glass breaking) and the window slowly slid under it's weight to the full opened position.

The glass easily slides up and down, and does not appear chipped or broken from what can be seen. It can be tilted forward and back as it is lifted in the door, as if it was not contained by any kind of track or guides.

There seems to be a slight noise when the switch is activated, which leads me to think the motor is functional.

I assume that I am now in the market for a regulator? I have located some,and would like some advice on installation. I have the pdf of the 94 Camry shop manuals, but I have read on several posts here that this is one area where the two cars differ, given the smaller rear window size of the Camry.

I have a good selection of tools and am very handy. I am not a motor head, but have tackled other auto related projects on other cars along the lines of switch replacements, electric cooling fan replacements, etc. I know how to take the door panels off, for instance.

Thanks for any help the members of the forum can offer.

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Same thing happened on my 92 ES300.

I purchased a replacement regulator from a wrecker.

Like you, I seriously considered trying it myself, but after consulting the service manual (thanks LOC!) I decided it would likely end in tears.

The Lexus dealer installed the reg from the wrecker for me, good as new!

The way to keep the labour cost down is wait until you are getting something else done (if you can) and remove the door lining / refit youself. That way you are only paying them to actually re-fit the regulator and nothing else.

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You said it yourself .... remove the inner panel and see what the trouble is. You may find that you don't need a regulator, but that a bolt from one of the tracks has come loose and fallen out, or the fastener that holds the glass to the regulator mechanism has broken, or the regulator mechanism has stripped a gear. Within the last month I had a similar problem with the passenger window of my 90 300zx. With the inner door panel off I found a bolt from the bottom of the front window track was missing entirely, allowing the track to completely disengage from the glass. One used bolt and my time were the only expenses for the fix.

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