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Burned/black Blob Spot On My Radio(i Have Pics Of It, Please Help Me&#


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I have a 1997 Lexus ES300 and there is something weird going on with my radio. When I turn my car on, there a black blob on the LCD panel of my radio. The radio still works perfectly fine, but it's annoying to not see what station I am on or what track I am listening to when I am playing a CD. It stays there all day, and I was just curious if anyone knew what is happening, and how I can fix it. Any help is appreciated, thanks, bye!


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I recall that there was a similar thread on this problem back a year or so ago. It is not an uncommon problem. The LCD screen has become defective. Some people were replacing the entire radio, but a search of the archives should turn up where someone listed a source for replacing just the LCD screen very reasonably. Don't quote me but I think it was less than $100. Maybe someone else can jump in with more info?

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I had a '91 LS 400 & a '99 GS300 and they both had that problem.

I contacted Lexus and they told me that they would give me a $100 credit towards a replacement.

The friggin replacement cost was $1,200, and that was in 2004!

Hopefully my new GS will be better.

Good luck with that!

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