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Check Engine Light

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I have a Lexus 2000 GS300 Platinum Edition with only 58,000 mile which was sitting for about six months. I finally decided to register the car and put it pack on the road. After sitting for so long the battery died, the battery would hold a charge so I had to replace it. I took the car to be inspected and it failed the entire ODB emission test. I was told that I have to drive the car for about 15-20 miles so that it can reset.

After driving for about 15 miles the check engine light came on. I took the car to my mechanic who works for Toyota for over 20 years; he checked it and said the code was P0446 and P0441. He said it could be the gas tank cover; he reset the ODB codes and tighten the gas cap. He did a pressure test on the gas tank cover and it was OK. After driving for another 15 miles or so the check engine light came back on. My mechanic stated that it could be problem with EVAP (Charcoal Canister) system which could become very costly to repair. I spoke to a Lexus service agent who also stated that the codes point to the gas cap being loose. Does anyone out there have any idea what else maybe causing these codes? Also since the car only has 58,000 miles is this something that maybe cover by the emission warranty.

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Cars can act funny if left sitting for extended periods of time. Old gas, condensation in the system, or even worse dirt can play a factor. I would recommend taking that animal on the highway and just drive it. 15-20 miles won't cut it. Waite a few days after some good driving and then reset the codes again just to make sure and see if they come back on. Good Luck.

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