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Cranking Problem 1996 Es300


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Hope someone can help. When I turn the key, car won't start, if I keep turning the key off and on real fast and kind of pull out on the key then it will finally catch and crank. Does this sound like the ignition switch, starter, or battery terminals maybe have a short? I appreciate any input and help I can get on this, thank you so much.

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We have been having this same problem with our 94 ES for almost the past year. The problem has progressively gotten worse over this time. It was reaching the point that we would have to turn the switch on and off five or six times to get it to start.

I found a bad cell in the battery this spring and replaced the battery. This did not solve the problem. I then decided to change out the starter relay. This did not help. I finally decided that it had to be either the starter or the solenoid. About two weeks ago, I ordered a new starter from Park Place Lexus in Texas. This was installed last week, and there have been no further starting problems.

The entire starter (including solenoid) was about $150.00. The solenoid alone was about $75.00. It seemed more reasonable to me to just replace the entire starting system.

The starter on these ES models is very easy to replace. It sits on top of the engine and is very accessible. My independent garage charged me one hour labor ($65.00).

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