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Fender Removeal


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Anyone ever pull a front fender on a 1st gen LS? Any tricks or suggestions> Like how do you pull the lower cladding off without breaking anything? I know there is 1 bolt under there. Also, how do you get to the outboard "city lights" sockets? I see them back there but dont know how to get these lights out. I see the top screw under the hood but is the other one way down between the light and the main light, accessible with a 12" long phillips? I need to remove the fender to pop a corner dent out or replace if unsuccessful. Thanks

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You have to pull the fender lining out and then access the "pinch clips" for the chrome trim from inside the fender. It requires some needle nose pliers and a thin flat head. You pinch the plastic clips with the needle nose pliers and then pry the chrome trim off with the screwdriver. The rest removes itself.

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