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92 Ls Stutters After Long Idle W/ A/c On?


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Wife was waiting in line for my 1st son to get out of school and had the A/C on to keep #2 nice and cool. She says the car stuttered for about 2 seconds when she finally got going and then "took off" (probably because she kept pressing on the gas to see if it was throttle related). It cleared right up and did it again at the next traffic light. She pulled in a parking lot and called me to tell me what happened. The temp never got past 1/2, spark plug wires were checked as well as new plugs about a month ago, gas was on 1/4 (was regular, but never had an issue with it before) and it ran flawlessly on the way home that night. Does this sound ignition related, as I didnt change the caps or rotors and the car is going on 95k. Hope it is not ECU. I dont think fuel filter would randomly cut out the motor. Thanks.

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Idle & stumbling at take off can often be nothing more than a dirty IAC (idle air controller) or dirty throttle body. Both can be taken care of by simply cleaning them with a throttle body cleaner like comes in aerosol cans. The IAC is what meters air into the engine during idle and the accelerator pedal is not being pressed. When the IAC gets dirty, it can cause a stumble when its solenoid actuated plunger can't move smoothly in or out of its !Removed! in the throttle body which is how it regulates air flow into the throttle body when the butterfly valve is closed. The problem could also possibly caused by the throttle position sensor getting dirty inside but those are not cleanable, they can only be replaced (not expensive) when they get dirty inside and provide an eratic throttle position signal to the ECU.

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