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Dealer Mistake


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Greetings to all! This is my first post... and its a negative one! I own a 06 GS430. Great car! Took the care in to Lexus of Jacksonville for the 20K service. They did a courtesy wash... OH OH! They sprayed something on the wheels that ruined them! The wheels were almost "bleached white". Typical Lexus fashion, they took the car to the detail show and polished them. Now, everytime the vehicle is washed, the same thing appears on the wheels. I'm going to contact them tomorrow. Hopefully... Lexus will take care of the problem.


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You've learned a valuable lesson. NEVER let the dealer wash or detail the car again.

The wheels are etched by the chemicals in the cleaner, make the dealer replace them at no cost to you. When they "polish" them they're simply using a high oil glaze on them which is hiding the etching, that is until you wash the car again and the glaze washes off.

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I am in complete agreement with SWO3ES. Never let the dealer or anyone else for that matter detail, wash or wax your car. Especially the dealer!!! They use the same grimey towel on dozens of cars, hire the cheapest labor they can, and use the most generic cleaning chemicals on cars. I emphatically request everytime I visit the dealer, DO NOT CLEAN THE OUTSIDE OR INSIDE OF MY CAR.

I would assertively and persistantly request that they just replace the rims. If they say there is nothing wrong with them, then they shouldn't have any problem with swapping them for another set off the lot then.

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