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Abs Brake Actuator Rattle


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I have a 2000 GS300. Once the car is warmed up and shifted into reverse there is an annoying rattle that appears to come from the lower left side of the steering column. It only happens when the car is at idle with the car in reverse with my foot on the brake. I took the car to the Lexus dealer who was able to duplicate my symptoms. The service manager contacted Lexus's technical service department and was told that the problem was with the ABS brake actuator and that these cars (2000 Lexus GS300) are notorious for this problem. This is not a safety issue according to Lexus, just an annoyance.

I have searched this forum and elsewhere on the net and have not found other owners complaining about this noise. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what have they done about. I have tried to get Lexus to replace the actuator or the complete ABS assembly as required at their cost, but have not been successful.

The car has 85k miles on it.

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