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Horn Compatibility


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I have a 1996 LS400 and the horn sounds weak,can a horn from a 3rd generation ES work?

By "work" do you mean plug and play? I can't tell you that but probably just about any horn from a car with a 12 volt electrical system can be made to work with a little wire splicing.

I had some incredibly loud Bosch horns on the 90 LS I used to have -- they are in a box in the garage; I have not tried using them on my 00 LS.

Although the horns on my 00 is not very loud, the ones on the 90 LS were positively wimpy. The gen 1 LS horn was quickly redesigned and was replaced at no charge for people who complained while their cars were under the basic warranty.

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I don't know if it means anything but I just unplugged the horn wires on our 98 Camry and 00 LS400 and the horn connectors appear to be identical. I think they are the same the horn connector used on the 90 LS I used to have.

I need to get out those huge Bosch horns I mentioned above and try them on my 00 LS! I seem be using my horn a lot more the past few years as people using cell phones and in la-la land wander into my lane.

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