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Wood Steering Wheel


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I just bought a 98 LS 400 with the wood steering wheel. The finish on the wheel has been damaged by the sun or age and has fine cracks on the finish. The cracks don't seem to extend deep into the wood. Does anyone know if these wheels can be re-finished? Is it possible for an individual to do it or does it take an auto restoration company? Am I stuck with replacing the wheel$$$

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i doubt a local furniture refinisher is going to be of much help. The clearcoat used on the steering wheels is not of the same material that is used on furniture, nor is it applied in the same manner. I think the chances of them taking their time to make it perfect are pretty slim. Nevermind the cost!

If you're somewhat handy, you could do it yourself. You'd need to remove the wheel, mask off the leather parts, and sand down the clearcoat evenly until the cracks are gone... MAKE SURE NOT TO SAND TOO DEEP. You should buy some clearcoat used for cars (comes as 2 parts that you mix; the clear and the hardener) and use a spray gun to apply light even coats. I would adjust the ratio to 3:1 instead of 4:1 so that it's even more hard.

Your other option is to look on ebay for a used one in good condition. My guess is that a furniture shop (if you even find one willing to do it for you) will charge close to $100 for it to be perfect again.

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