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A\c Problem Code 21 Solar \ Sunlight Sensor


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I did a test on my A\C after it failed,, (holding auto and recirc then turn the key on) and got a code 21, wich means a sunlight sensor failure. I have no idea what that has to do with the Air conditioning. Any help??


You have to do the test under the sun light, I'm not kidding...

I read another post with this information: "(3) - If testing is done in a dark area, Code 21 may set even though system is normal. Shine a light at solar sensor and recheck codes."

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I get the same code but I also have other AC issues. I looked at the factory service manuals and the sensor is tough/expensive to replace. Try to see if it can disable the AC altogether or if it is used to supplement the controls. what I am getting at is maybe here is another AC problem that is more important, and the sunlight senor only contibutes +/- 10 degrees to the system output...

any thoughts?

Cheers, Artie

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