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I Need A Picture


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I need a pic of someones heater control valve (VSV) it is on the firewall, on the passenger side,, has a 2 wire electrical plug,, and some vacuum lines going to it. Under is the bigger hoses coming from the engine and the heater core. Mine is disconnected, and I need to know where the vac lines go. If some could take a pic of theirs that is working correctly,, I would appreciate it.


Also,, does anybody know where I can get a new one, in case mine is bad? I dont want to pay dealer prices,, and I have heard that a camry uses the same valve, but I do not know the part #.

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Thanks for trying,, but that diagram does not show the heater vsv,, besides,, I need a close up photograph so I can see how the vacuum lines are hooked up.

Maybe someone else??

I need to buy a heater vsv valve,, dealer is over $400.00,, anybody got one?

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