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Traction Off Light Always On And Sun(moon?)roof Nonresponsive


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edit: 1991 Lexus LS400

well, thanks to the many resources I found here, I am prepared for a real post... Trac-off light is always on, and the button does nothing to remedy it. I pulled an error code of 51 and looked up some acrobat files that a fine gentleman posted and was able to determine that I need more acrobat files, lol, ones that pertain to the engine warning light, which is a light I cannot see on my dash... (bulb out??? fixable??) I reset the fault with the 8 times in three seconds brake pedal extravaganza, and the "tracoff" light went off! but the second I pulled out my diagnostic twist tie and started the engine, we were back to good old 51 again....Anyways, thats one thing (and yes I know some here dislike trac control, but I like everything on my vehicles to work as it was intended regardless). My other really nagging problem is the moonroof/sunroof... I get no response from the buttons at all. I checked the fuses, no problems there at all :( I am guessing that I either have a problem with the motor, relay, or perhaps a sensor has opened somewhere and thrown my power away before I even got to use it.... either way, anyone with some hands-on experience or advice on eithe rof these two subjects who feels like sharing, I am all ears and eyes...


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just an update for anyone who was following this.... I found out my check engine light was burnt out, so I moved the seatbelt light over, and sure enough, it worked (too well though, now I have a check engine light on!!!)

Anyways, I had a code 51 for the trac system (engine contol problem).... I read about this and found that the traction control system auto-shuts down with engine errors....

I pulled up engine code #21 (main oxygen sensor signal, left bank)... $115 at canadian tire for a universal, $295 at NAPA for OEM, I ordered 2 on ebay for $40 after pulling the left O2 sensor and found it to have an open circuit reading, and the right hand side had a resistance reading above what LexLS recommended (at that cost, why not both now right??) The current O2 sensors were not original either...

I am hoping when my O2 sensors get here everything will go smoothly and the codes will be gone and the traction control will work for the first time for me!!

I think it's time to leave some tips at LEXLS.com... Anyone who has used that priceless resource should consider sharing even a small percentage of what they have saved on repairs due to that awesome resource of a website he has!

Other update---moonroof

I opened the light bezel to find the moonroof controls not plugged in at all..... I plugged them in and:

tilt up = nothing

tilt down = relay click, then quick attempt to tilt down(must have been barely opeened)

open = relay click, then sunroof opens nicely

close = relay clicking, but no action at all

I have a new sunroof control relay, will try soon to see if that fixes it.. I am sure it will not repair anything, and then it's time to order a sunroof motor I think after I go through the trouble of figuring out how to remove it from the roof...


Anyways, thats the update

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