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Tire Rotation

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Rotating the spare into the tire rotation sequence would require dismounting the spare, mounting and balancing it on the "pretty" rim, and mounting and balancing the replaced tire on the spare rim. Then there is the labor of removing/replacing the spare under the car.

Lexus will probably do it but don't expect it to be free. When I bought new rims from the dealer the mounting was "included" in the price but when it was detailed out on the bill the labor cost was over $100 per tire.

My advice is to wait until the 4 tires are worn then buy 3 tires, use the spare, and save one of the worn tires as the spare. Not a perfect solution but it would work if the same brand of tires was used as the original.

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I just had the 5000 mile service. I asked if they had rotated the spare into the rotation, and got the "we don't do that" response.

As part of the personal settings, I asked them to change the UNLOCK key so I only needed to press it once to open everything. They didn't seem to get that right - is that something I can do myself?

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They would have rotated the spare if you were willing to put forth a ridiculous amount of cash.

The personalized settings have to be done with a special hand-held computer device that plugs in under the dash somewhere. The dealer got mine wrong too but I checked all of the settings before I left the dealership. A guy came out and fixed it in about 5 minutes while the car was in the "exit" line so I could see what he did.

The service rep was asked if the personal settings would require a service charge if something different was wanted in the future. She said that it would not be a problem and would not be charged. It probably has to be reasonable - like not weekly. If you still have your setting sheet, or the service rep still has it, another visit to the dealership should correct the setting without a problem.

Strangely, the same personalized setting was wrong on my car as it was with yours - unlocking the car with one click. Maybe it is a conspiracy! :rolleyes:

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