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Ok everyone... I've dealt with this for a little while, and it's really starting to bother me. When I got my car, I was excited and in a hurry. Of course, after buying it, I noticed things I didn't before it was mine. LIKE, this rust forming in front of the rear wheels. Water and dirt flies off the tire, and into the little channel formed by the body work. the pebbles and dirt stick, and hold the water there. So, some rust is starting to form there on my ride, and being pearl white, it's visible. You can't see it unless you get down low, but still, it makes my car look like !Removed!, in my mind at least.

Anyway, here's my question; Anyone else had this? Anyone else had it repaired? Anyone know approximately how much it would cost? I won't do it myself, I have no bodywork experience.


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