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Fan-like Noise?

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I bought a used 2006 is250 a few weeks back and didn't have problems with it until about a week or two ago.

The car is in good condition, everything is satisfactory but when ever I drive around in a city where I have to

repeat stop and go the car occasionally make a 'fan-like noise'. It definitly comes from the engine room and It is quite loud and annoying and I can't seem to find out what's wrong with it. It can also be experieced when I try to change gears often.

I also noticed sometimes along with the loud fan-like wind noise, the rpm rises a slight bit and drops back to normal.

Can anyone help me out?

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It's always hard to resolve "noise" issues without actually hearing them, but my first guess would be that it is your radiator fan kicking in. My second would be the a/c compressor (although not exactly a "wind" noise). Either one of those would create a load on your electrical system that would dictate a higher-than-idle RPM.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Perhaps some other factors would help us: like outside weather is very warm, occurs in stop-and-go traffic, etc.

Good luck.

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