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Uh, Oh! Power Sunshade Not So Powerful.... Or Shady.


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Howdy fellas.

Well, this is my first day with my new 2003 ES300. Beautiful car with a fantastic ride!

I didn't even realize it came with the rear power sunshade until I was driving to work this morning and pressed the button. What a surprise!

The driver's side arm raises fully, but the other side does not. There also appears to be no "screen" attached to the lifting rod, either. so I basically have these two broken crazy legs sticking up in the back window (they DO go down, thankfully.)

How much would this cost to get repaired/replaced? I have an extended warranty (3rd party, not Lexus) that is supposed to cover EVERYTHING, so I am hoping it will cover something like this, but not sure. It specifically mentioned it covers "All Enhanced Electrical", and goes on to list things like "window motors and lifts, sunroof motors and lifts," and all sorts of extra things, but of course, doesn't specifically mention power sunshades.

Any opinions?

I have also taken the advice of everyone on the board and ordered replacement keys from eBay, too. I have ONE original master key, but it is broken and has been glued back together. I bought the "shell" to put my "guts" into, so that key should be good, then bought an extra key with all the guts, and programming instructions. This should do it, right? Anyone had luck getting a regular locksmith to do the cutting for you? Or will Lexus rape me to cut an aftermarket key?

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I just replaced the shell of my key (arrived today) for the second time. They break all the time, its terrible.

You can order OEM Lexus shells from www.lexus-parts.com for like $58 and they're pre-cut to your VIN. This is a much better idea than the aftermarket shells from eBay, you have to get them cut and thats not free, and I had fitment problems with the one I bought.

As for the shade, did you buy the car from a Lexus dealer? I'd make them replace it. The whole shade will probably have to be replaced, and thats going to cost at least several hundred bucks.

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