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Input Speed Sensor Replacement

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I got a Diagonostic code P0715 (Input Turbine Speed Sensor Malfunction). So they found that the Transmission Input Speed Sensor is faulty. I have a 2000 GS300 and I was wondering how difficult it was to replace this on my own? Anyone ever done this? I have to do it this weekend so I can travel on Business Sunday night. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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it's really easy....you just need a lift to do it. Only one screw holds it in. You just need to know which one to replace, the one on the front or back of the trans. you can diy.....i did but there's not enough room without a lift! gl

Got a question in regards to this sensor also. I got a code of p0715 too, 1999 GS300. Will this stop the car from running? I can not start my car and found two codes. P0715 and a p1300. Called the Lexus dealer and they did not know what this parts was. I ask for Input or Turbine Speed Sensor. My theory is that is sensor is not handing out data to the TCU and the ECU is not letting the ignition fire up. Do I seem to be working in the general direction? Thank guys


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