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Updating Navigation On 2004 Rx 330


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Ive been reading some threads on here but am not sure what to really do still.

Can I update my navigation on the RX 330? Mostly, Id like the POI to be better, my bf has a Garmin and his shows about 99% of the POI we enter into it...its like looking up google maps for something on his.

On my nav, its so outdated, only about 50% of the POI are in there and the set up is poor as in when I search "target" for instance, it wont show me the list by distance with the closest one first...it'll instead return a bunch of different "target" etc...

Just wondering if the functionality is much better with the upgrade disk.

Lastly--which specific upgrade disk would I need and where can I buy it besides the Lexus Dealer?


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