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Iridium Plugs On An '03 Gs300

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I took my 03 GS with 60k miles to a Toyota dealer to have my plugs changed, because it was more convenient. The service manager says that my car had Iridium plugs and I should wait to have them changed. Were iridium plugs standard on an '03? Or was the dealer afraid because it was a Lexus? They dont want to change the Serpentine belt, because they arent used to I-6 engines, but they did clean the fuel injectors and throttle body.

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Yes. The 2003 GS came with iridium plugs. Some models get them at 120k but for the GS its 60k. I don't know what kind of dealer can't change a belt. If they told me that I would be pretty scared to let them even change my oil.

The I6 engine was put in the Supra and Cresida (I think).. Why would they be unfamilar with that. The iridium plugs should be good for 100K or more.. ..

I would not let those monkeys work on my car.

Same goes for the V8. That motor is basicly the same as the V8s they put in the FourRunners and Tundras....


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The manual also says the plugs need to be changed (even though they are iridium) to maintain the emissions control warranty. Does anybody have any idea why this requirement is only on the GS and IS? The emissions warranty only goes to 80k, right?

Also, is it normal for a serpentine belt to need changing at 60-70k? It does look kinda worn. I used to have an ES and I didnt touch the serpentine until I changed the timing belt at 90k

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