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Possibly Buying A 95 Ls400 (advice)


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Hi there everyone!

I just found these forums and I figured it would be a great place to get some advice before jumping into something that I cannot afford! I just sold my 2006 Acura RSX Type-S to relieve myself of some high payments and high insurance prices (not to mention a really stiff ride that ended up not being cooler for the first 2 months than as a daily driver...) and I am considering going back in time and buying a 1995 LS400 with 128k miles on it. The pictures look great (I will post them on the bottom of this post) and the owner claims it was very well maintained (I havent got the carfax or service records YET). I have heard all the great stories of the legendary Toyota/Lexus longevity and I am looking to get into a car that I can put another 100k miles on over the next few years with as little repair cost as possible (who isn't right?). I have read the threads about what to look for when buying these cars and I think I have a fairly good idea of what to look for, but I just wanted a little reassurance before I go and see this car and get my hopes up!

The price is $6499 (this is why I am a bit suspicious, or is this not all that uncommon for a 95 w/128k miles?)

Any thoughts/comments/advice/concerns?

Also, I live in Wisconsin and I am a bit concerned with this car's abilities in the snow... the owner says it has traction control but should I be steering clear of a rear wheel drive car all together?

Thanks and here are the pics:







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Congrats so far so good, the car price and condition are outstanding. Make sure you read the buying guide we have at the site. I would ask to what Lexus dealer he takes it, take the VIN and see what have they done to the car. Second I would drive it for an hour in the highway to see if any warning lights come up. Third take it to the dealer and have them diagnose the computer/suspension, those can get really expensive, if it passes with a 90% and you will only have to spend like a 0 to a 1000 on repairs, then I would surely buy it. If the owners gets defensive about any of this, walk away and buy a 96, 98-2000, 2002 and up. The year 1995 was a transitional year for environmental controls but if it is working correctly then, there should be no problem. For what i can see in the pictures the car has been more than well taken care, it looks mint in the outside upkeep. But that can be the carrot at the end of the stick, we just need to look more inside to make sure it is as good as it looks!


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Hi drmeff!

I have one like your this (almost - mine has air suspension too), and I am very satisfied with mine. (And I am picky!)

Everything just works, and it is quite acceptable in fuel consumption too. Maintain one of these properly, drive it in a relaxed way, and

you will have comfortable transportation for a very long time. Just make sure the rust does not invade it!

The only minor complaints would be corrosion protection, Lexus spare parts prices in Sweden (ouch) and winter use. (Which is important to you too.)

In this case, I do not really care what you US fellas think about these cars - they are not good in the winter. Period. <_<

The problem (I believe) for you guys in US, is that you compare with even worse cars, like the same size sedans with

dead beam rear axle... :rolleyes:

We have real winters in Sweden, and I have driven so many cars in winter here. A mid size front wheel drive car (or even better a 4wd)

with narrow, large wheels and a simple rear axle design will be easy to handle and have predictable behaviour.

AUDI A4 (previous generation), SAAB 900 /9-3, VW Golf and Passat etc. Many japanese front wheel drive cars with multi link rear axle

(like Honda Accord) can be quite tricky once you pass the limits of traction.

OK, the LS is big and heavy, with automatic tranny and powerful engine = it requires TRC and the best REAL winter tires you can find.

Then it is no worse than a MB S-class or a big (or any, really...) BMW. But AUDI A6 and A8 will be more predictable on icy roads.

In some Swedish car magazine tests, the heating has been found out to be sufficient, but not more, and I agree. Many other cars have

more more flexible and capable heating systems.

The design with recessed wipers will require more snow/ice removal than otherwise, when the car has been left outside.

Having run it one winter, I decided not to suffer these problems with my LS, and I garaged it last winter and will probably do it again this year.

Other than those minor complaints, I find the LS to be a really good product, and I think you will be happy with it. :cheers:

/Alexander from Sweden

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Hey Drmeff, she looks great! I have the same LS as you except mine doesn't have TRAC or heated seats. If I were you, I'd take it to a Lexus dealership and ask them to do a pre-purchase inspection, I believe the cost could be around $120. I would recommend this rather than taking it to just any mechanic, as the Lexus dealership will know what specific things to look for as opposed to a regular mechanic that will be more generalized. If she checks out well, I'm sure you'll be happy with her. I love my LS and still look for excuses to drive her :D Let us know how it turns out.

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Thanks for the response guys!

I called the seller and he has no problem with my taking it to the dealer for an inspection, so I will be taking it in to the lexus dealer tomorrow to see if this deal is any good or not!

Thanks again!

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I have heard all the great stories of the legendary Toyota/Lexus longevity and I am looking to get into a car that I can put another 100k miles on over the next few years with as little repair cost as possible (who isn't right?).
That won't be a problem at all. Only in a LS forum will you see a bunch of people bragging over who has more miles on their original powertrain!! The car (other than all those air fresheners) and price look pretty good. B)
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Well I went to get it checked out today and Lexus gave it a gold star! They said the vehicle is in wonderful mechanical shape and should be good for a long time to come! After a bit of haggling I got the seller to let it go for $5600 and I couldn't be happier! I drove it over an hour home at freeway speeds and it rides SO smooth and quite it is just unreal. I now know what you are all talking about when you praise this car!

Thanks for all the advice!

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