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Cleaning Plenum/cabin Filter Area?


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I realized that my '95 ES300 never had its cabin filter changed, so I located where it should be and there was nothing* there. After some research I realized that they were not usually installed on this year. Now the problem lies in that the space where the filter should be was not quite empty. When I reached my hand in to look for the filter, I met a damp mass of a dirty, black substance that looked like hair or fiberglass insulation. I pulled/vacuumed out as much as possible, but I would really like to get ALL of this out.

My question is, is this actually insulation of some sort, and is there any other way to open up this area so it can be properly vacuumed/blown out?

(It isn't easy to fit a vacuum attachment in there while being cramped under the drivers seat on your stomach.)

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