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Toyota Crashes In Reliability Rankings


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What I think is funny is that they use Toyota skids in reliability as the title. But really they are talking about the Camery. If you scroll down on the page and click on JD powers says Buick ties Lexus for number 1, they have a chart that shows Lexus leads in five catagories and a Toyota product leads in 10 of the 19 catagories.

And the reason the Camery is taking a beating right now is because Toyota was trying to get into Nascar and become competetive, so they have had to make alot of changes to that model so it can qualify for the Nascar platform. It's not easy to build a car that falls apart and doesn't sell very well like all the other cars that have to qualify for Nascar! And then build a "stock" car that nobody else can get. LOL!!!! I know, that was a cheap shot, but the changes to get competitive in Nascar are true. I think alot of the traditional Toyota Camery buyers just aren't as happy with the new model.

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Oops, I missed this thread when I posted a new one, about the same thing.

I think Consumer Reports has finally heard about all the complaints issued about that electronic throttle lag problem, which has infected almost every new Toyota for years. I heard on the news the camry was dropped due to transmission problems, which to me sounds like lag problems. And the V8 Tucoma and AWD GS were dropped due to driveline problems, which sounds exactly like the thumping issue the GX470, V8 4Runner and V8 Tucoma owners have complained about for years. It's that dang sliding yolk sleeve on the back. My 05' V8 4Runner has this problem too, which really isn't that bad and somewhat managable, but still, a pretty significant design flaw that hasn't been fixed for years! So, maybe now we'll finally get an official and permanent fix with a recall campaign.... One can hope.

Oh, and that god awful stinking cat-converter under heavy acceleration in the V8's. Smells like stinging rotten eggs. I say stinging, because if it gets in your nose, it not only stinks to high heaven, but it stings sometimes too.

Eitherway, I must admit, it's nice to see the american boys possibly starting to turn the corner and get their acts together. I recently rented a Chevy Malibu in Arizona, and it drove increadibly nice! I was quite shocked actually at how well it drove. I've also rented one of those Buick Enclave SUV's in Washington, DC., and I've got to say, it was a fantastic car! I'd be hard-pressed to not give it serious consideration against all others in that market segment. I'd bet buying stock in the Mowtown Three might be a good investment these days, as a moderate to long term hold. Chrystler has my attention now too. Exciting things are possible with them now that they've split from MB, under new management by the guy to turned a !Removed! into a gold-mine "home depot". Mark my words, GM, Ford and Chrystler aren't going anywhere. Might slip some more, but they're coming back, just a matter of time. Saturn is now importing GM's European Opel cars and rebadging them as Saturns. Three weeks in Europe last month, and I can say that Opel has some pretty slick looking cars!

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dropping 4 places is hardly a crash.

I agree... especially considering some of the other automobiles running around out there.

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