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Info For Es300 Owners

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Hey guys, i thought i would give some info on how to install subs and an amp with a factory HU since there are some vague discriptions on here. I finally was able to do it this weekend. I have a 1999 es300 the main thing you need to worry about is the remote wire on the amp. Instead of wasting your money on a voltmeter, you can do it this way. The remote wire must be connected to a 12v ACC wire. And a great way to do it is to run it to the back of the clock. The clock is "switched" so this is perfect. First you must pull the clock out and there will be a wire plug that is for the clock. It has 4 wires connected to it. The top wire is the ACC wire. I found this out because on the back of the clock it states which wires are which. So you simply just splice your remote wire into the ACC wire and this will do. This is better then doing it with the cigarette lighter because the remote wire needs a consistent flow of juice. Make sure to wrap up your splicing because if the wire comes in contact with metal it will be grounded out and then your side mirrors, your cigarette lighter, and your clock will not work. If this happens the only fuse you need to replace is the one that says "cig". And here is some additional info on the perfect way to run the power wire through the firewall. Under the dash of the drivers side there obviously is a visible firewall. However, there is some padding covering part of it. The piece of padding you must tear off is the oval shaped one that has perferated edges that was made to be pulled off. Once you pull it off, there will be a small indented circle that leads to a perfect spot in the engine bay. Just drill a small hole there. This spot is ideal because the battery is on the drivers side.

if you have any specific questions feel free to ask. and im sorry for posting this if you already knew this info. i just thought it would be pretty helpful.

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