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Trunk Liner Recomendations


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Hey all!

Wondering if anyone has a rubber/plastic trunk liner for a 2001. If so, what brand and where did you get it? I'm looking for one that fits well, and possibly gives me access to the LATCH anchors in the floor. Lexus say they don't have one for that year and the ones post 2001 have different dimensions for the trunk...


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Weathertech.com has them. Two models - one for seats installed, the other for seats not installed. I've been looking at them for a while and they seem to be best overall.


Sam T.

Only problem I've heard of the weathertech's is for the front mats, the heel of one's shoe wears through easily. I have the nifty mats. They only come w/ the rear cutouts for the 3rd row seats and now cutouts for the anchors. I just used a utility knife and cut a U-shape for the center anchor. I also installed some brass grommets in the corners to allow use of the D-rings to lash down the dog's kennel. I like the nifty mats up front since they have a "carpet like" feel w/ deep bucket to catch water/dirt, yet can be hosed off and are acid/chemical resistant. Their second row mat is kind of small. I've seen OEM rubber mats that cover more area. For all but the driver's mat, I threw the nifty's on top of the OEM carpeted mats which are over the bare carpet.

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