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Garage Door Opener Problem


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I have an 07 GS350 and my wife recently purchased an 07 ES350. Our garage door openers are Lift-Master Security+ After programmng the opener in the ES I depressed the button to open her garage. To my amazement not only did her door open so did mine. I do not have this problem in my GS. I took her care to the dealership only to have the service manager tell me thats impossible. I mentioned this to my sales person who said she will come over with the service manager. I did erase all code in both cars per the instruction, erased all codes in the garage door openers and hand held units and even programmed the ES with my garage door opener unplugged. The results were the same. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so what did you do to resolve it?

Thank you.

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I would try changing the microswitches (bit code) of one of the openers, then reprogramming just that one. You might want to remove power to the other working opener (unplug it).

I think the opener in question uses a rolling code.

I have not been able to program our ES350 Homelink. The transmitter is being replaced this week because a test at the dealer showed it not functioning properly.

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