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Good Deal?

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Any body know what the new 2008 350's are going for now in the north east?

I got a price of $900 over invoice for a 2007 left over. Wonder if that sa good deal compared to a 2008.

I checked Edmunds and carsdirect for current selling prices but both seemed to give pretty high estimates. With the 2007 @ approx 1,200 over invoice and the 2008 @ about 3K over invoice.

Any one got any quotes latley they would be willing to share.

The car I was looking at had an MSRP of 44, 342 and an invoice of 39, 015?

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Edmunds won't have a good price yet--not enough buyers reporting back as to their price this early in the model year. Unfortunately, I don't have a price for you. If you don't get bites here, hit as many forums as possible, like Club Lexus.

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$900 over invoice is about what the local dealers were selling on-lot 07 350s for while 07 was still in production... but that was fairly late in the model year when I checked (late spring 07)... right now most 08s seem to be going about halfway between invoice and MSRP, so 3k over invoice might be right as an average. This is mid-atlantic though, I would guess 350s are scarcer in the northeast where AWD 250s would seem more popular.

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I live in the Northeast area as well and considered moving to an 08 IS350 from my 07 IS350. However several dealers stated that my car had little value at this time of the year. This was due to it being RWD. Looking at what 3-4 dealers are keeping in stock for new cars it is mostly/all the IS250 AWD's. The MSRP on my car was $44.3k with a buy price of $39.5k. I believe for the 07's, there is a larger dealer holdback and therefore you should be in a position to negotiate a better buy price. With the 08's, I would start at $300 above invoice.



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