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Lexus Rx300 "check Engine Light In On"

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Hey Guys,

I have just bought (4 days back) used 1999 LEXUX RX300, from a dealer. It has got a 104K mileage on it.

One day when I was returing from home I didn't notice gas level in my car (almost empty) and there was no gas station near by so I just drove 5 or 10 miles with fuel light ON. Next day I drove my car to office (no light was 'ON' on dashboard) but when I was returing I saw my "check engine light" was ON.

I have read on internet/manual sometime engine light went ON if you have low gas in your car or if fuel tank cap is OPEN. But it went OFF if you drive several time. After that I drove 2 or 4 times but light is still ON. I was stumped, so I took to the dealer and he said bring it back on Sat for diagnosis. Any idea what's wrong with it.

Before buying this car from dealer I haven't took to mechanic for inspection.

Any suggestion from your side will appreciate...


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I had a similar problem with my GS 400. I was driving with the fuel light on for about 30 miles, and after I refueled it, the check engine light turned off.

I removed, and reattached the gas cap, and then turned my car back on.

Sometimes that light is a little tricky, but you have to find a way to turn it off =]

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