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Once Again: Clearing The Cel

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I've been reading the related posts on turning off the "Check Engine Light". Time for an update on the 2000 year ES300. Most CEL warnings seem to be caused by transient problems, such as a dirty O2 sensor. I wanted to clear mine to see if the problem was still there.

Past posts suggest 2 ways:

1- disconnect the battery. Always works but usually clears other items as well, such as the clock on the 2000 ES300. The radio, ignition key/immobilizer/alarm and everything else I've checked are not affected. This turned out to be the only technique that worked on my car; 2000 ES300.

2- pull a fuse. The fuse box is behind the coin tray, near your left knee. Pull it out by dropping it 1/2 way, then twisting the two pin hinges off. Usually the EFI fuse is called out. The 2000 ES300 doesn't have one. I tried the ECU fuse and the ODB fuse. Neither one cleared the CEL.

In my case, the CEL has stayed off for 18 hours now. Probably a dirty sensor.

PS: the CEL activation will kill the Traction Control and put that lamp on as well. This disables the ATC switch. Resetting the CEL returns the ATC function.


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not sure where you are tom

but if in the states most local parts stores will give you a free code reading

which helps them sell parts

even if you don't buy any


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