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Do Not Purchase Polk Audio Gxr4 4" Speakers!

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So, I was at my local Fry's Electronics today, taking in the lovely scenery (especially the new Apple PowerMac G5's), when to my surprise, I saw 4" Polk Audio speakers for sale. They were the GXR4's, which had been marked down from $59.99/pair to $14.99. So I thought to myself: [self, that's a good deal... so what if the last pair of Polk Audio speakers you purchased freakishly destroyed themselves thumping to the likes of Bach and the electric grind of Beethoven's last syphony]. I purchased them - Installed them literally in the parking lot in about 15 minute with a rusty screw driver that I found a few months back on the side of the roa (what a find!).

What a disappointment. I've heard paper cones that sounded better. Actually, the STOCK PAPER CONES sounded better. [Man!] I thought, [i just blew $29.98 + TX's ridiculously high 8.25% sales tax on a pair of cra... cruddy speakers]. So I took them back. They looked at me with a puzzled look, since the receipt was still warm from being printed just 30 minutes ere.

Pros and Cons: GXR4's

Pro: You can tell people that you've "upgraded your stereo system."

Con: You can never, EVER, let people ride with you. Unless it's a "time to talk" ride (i.e. no listening to stereo).

Pro: You can pretend that you've taken an active interest in your singing career when you do have to ferry a passenger around (by singing to hide the speakers UGHWKJEWLQUPOISSJDAL, of course).

Con: Your passengers will soon realize that your life is pathetic and pointless (judging you only by your cover of that song you sang SO well).

Pro: You can spend more time listeing as you crank through the ever-so-smooth five-speed (if you're lucky enough to have one).

Con: You'll soon realize that you have no one who'll ever want to ride around with you (because of your voice).

Pro: You'll soon realize that you no longer have anyone that wants to ride around with you (i.e. less weight <i.e. better acceleration>).

Verdict: Do what I plan to do... by Bose speakers (don't whine about their cost! They're worth every penny.)

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BTW: I know I use parentheses more than the average bear (I just have too much to say / have ADD). Can never let that mind stray too far, because that might cause an accident (although that SC430 behind me is very pretty. I'd better stare at it until I get one <CRASH>).

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