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Good Deal?

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Hi ya'll.

I'm a proud new owner of an 2001 IS300. Got it CPO through Lexus dealer in VA. As an afterthought, I wanted to get the forums opinion on if I got a good deal of not.

Its Black, has 33K miles on it. Has all options except Navi and full leather (Has escllain leather combo). Has 16" tires too.

I negotiated a selling price of $24750. It sure seemed alot for a used car, but I know this one's an exception ;)

Carfax report says it was a leased fleet vehicle.

Nice thing is everything (belts etc) was replaced per the 30K mile servicing, including all new tires and brakes. and got a wax and buff before i drove it home.

So did I get hosed? Looking at Edmunds at first - it looked like I paid a little much... But then I saw the invoice for a CPO was like $27K

Not that it matters now... Looking forward to posting lots of questions and opions on how to get the most outta my new ride!!! BTW - Is anyone posting any pictures of their IS's w/wo mods? Love to see em'.

Thanks ya'll


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I have a 2001 IS, I got it at Lexus of Richmond in VA. I bought it new, its nice. You will enjoy it thouroughly. Mine is the Spectra Blue with black leather escain. I have the stock 17s, with new Sumitomo HTR Ultra High performance. I paid a little much for mine too, got a little hosed, but the car is hella cool, and very fast. As far as you getting hosed, maybe a little. But, you always feel like you are hosed after you leave a dealership.

Recently put a rod millen exhaust on, did not want the buzzer type exhausts you hear on these civics. I also have a AEM short ram intake. It sounds cool as hell, like a race car with just those two mods.

Stop by, or They have a lot of parts, and the prices are not bad.

My future plans for mine is to redo my Speaker box, it takes up too much room in my trunk. I have 2 12 inch JL audio subs in a box. Along with a punch 360 amp. Nice deal, only 200 bucks. Just not enough room in trunk. Windows tinted, thats it right now. I want to get the TRD style rear spoiler, because at 100 mph, the back end feels a little light. I also have the JDM shortened chrome antenna on the roof, and diamond clear front side marker lights. not installed yet though. :o

Like I said before you will definetly enjoy, but you might want to upgrade the wheels to the 17 inchers for the better cornering.

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i would say its an ok deal. since this is the value the car has in market with around 30k miles on it. i myself, however was lucky to find one for 21 with all the options, clean title, one owner and only 18k miles on it.

welcome aboard and enjoy ur new ride. :cheers:

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